Cosmetic Surgery To Treat Sports Injuries

What do sports and cosmetic surgery have in common? At first glance, you might think that they have nothing in common, but you might be surprised to know that many athletes, professional and non-professional alike, can benefit from plastic surgery to correct the defects caused by sports injuries. Many athletes suffer from injuries that can be treated in an emergency room or hospital, but the immediate treatment of these injuries usually does not take cosmetic considerations into account. Get into cosmetic surgery – there are a number of situations in which athletes can benefit from cosmetic surgery.


While there are a number of procedures that can benefit athletes who have suffered a sports-related injury, one of the most common is rhinoplasty , commonly referred to as nose surgery. Rhinoplasty for athletes is typically used to repair a broken nose and may include the correction of a deviated septum suffered during the injury. Rhinoplasty is ideal for correcting a nose that has become disfigured or out of alignment due to a sports injury and, in some cases, can correct airflow problems resulting from the injury that have affected normal breathing. Corrective nose surgeries not only aim to restore the appearance of the nose, but they can also improve the ability to breathe.

Oral And Maxillofacial Repair And Reconstruction

Many athletes also undergo other facial and mouth surgeries of varying severity. Such injuries can only be stabilized in an emergency or hospital setting, requiring additional treatment and surgeries in the future. Such injuries may require oral or maxillofacial reconstruction. For example, fractured or broken teeth can be replaced with dental implants, which not only work like natural teeth, but also restore an aesthetically natural smile. Some athletes may also require surgery to repair facial fractures or a damaged jaw.

Prevent Sport Injuries Before It Happens

Of course, the best thing you can do with sports injuries is to prevent them. While no amount of protective equipment will prevent all sports injuries, wearing and using the right equipment can certainly reduce the risk of many types of injuries. Make sure you understand the specific risks of playing your sport and invest in the related equipment.

Wear the appropriate helmet, goggles or sports goggles, face shields or shields, mouth guards, and padding. Your equipment should at least meet the minimum guidelines for your sport. Avoid substituting for your activity equipment intended for another sport. Although biking and skateboarding both require helmets, the activities present different injury risks and therefore helmets for each specific safety feature related to the individual activity. The same goes for goggles – racquetball goggles are not a substitute for basketball goggles and vice versa.

In any sport that has the slightest potential for physical contact, wear a mouthguard, even if you don’t think you will be punched in the mouth. While an elbow in your mouth can certainly cause significant damage, including broken or broken teeth, it is also possible to damage your jaw and teeth without coming into contact with another player. For example, you can do a spectacular basketball layup to fall with another player in your path. Instead of landing on your feet, you stumble, land on your hands and chest, and in doing so you may have hit your chin on the ground causing your upper and lower jaws to crash, fracturing a tooth. When in doubt, wear or use safety equipment.

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